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Photos by Donna Dotan

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Hy-Fi: The Living’s Local, Sustainable, 10,000 Brick Mushroom Tower At MoMA PS1

Enter A Digitized Forest In This New Audiovisual Installation

When 3D scanning technologies have the ability to translate the real world into the digital, and immersive multimedia spaces—like Montreal’s Satosphére dome—can accurately re-house these 3D environments, it becomes a challenge to divine where life ends and augmented reality begins. A feat of ontological proportions, Nimbes, the new project from ex-AntiVJ visual art maestro Joanie Lemercier and electronic act Emptyset’s James Ginzburg, takes this spillover effect to soaring new heights by combining in-camera footage with 3D laser-scanned, and digitally represented reconstructions of breathtaking natural and man-made architectures at the Société Des Arts Technologiques's colossal dome in Montreal.

We Talked To The Curator Organizing A Bill Murray-Themed Art Exhibition

3D ‘Air Drawing’ Produces Lunar Long Exposure Photographs

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